and Sustainable

Providing a solution to mitigate environmental issues is the core of ECONWARD’s activity. That’s why we aim to reduce the amount of waste ending up incinerated or in landfills. We identify specific scenarios where the ecosystem has been damaged by landfills or obsolete waste treatment facilities and introduce alternative technology for sustainable solid waste management that generates economic and social value.

Since ECONWARD was founded in 2009, we have invested about 80% of our resources in research and development to obtain an international patent endorsing our technology.

Significant performance upgrades have resulted in a highly efficient and internationally competitive version and new lines of research on potential uses stemming from waste treatment and biomass production. These range from recycling to renewable energies and include second-generation biofuels.

In 2016, to further strengthen its global expansion strategy, ECONWARD reached a key milestone creating NOWON, a company whose primary purpose is focused on the Business Management and Development for the United States and Latin America.

Nowadays, ECONWARD operates in Europe, Latin America and United States, through its offices in Madrid, Buenos Aires and California.


Research, development and innovation for recycling the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and the rejected material of treatment plants.

Partnerships and Strategic Alliances

ECONWARD, in cooperation with several institutes, research centres and entities, is taking part in several projects to expand the knowledge and scope of its technology.

Our R&D Department’s main activities are highlighted below:


COTEC Foundation for Innovation

ECONWARD has been a fellow Board of Trustees member of the COTEC Foundation for Innovation since 2019, and from this international organization, the company contributes by encouraging innovation, circular economy and global sustainability.


The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC)

ECONWARD and the CSIC-Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences are studying the production of sustainable building materials as alternatives to those traditionally used in the construction sector.


Foundation of the Autonomous University of Madrid

In collaboration with the Foundation of the Autonomous University of Madrid, ECONWARD is working on the potential of biomass for multiple uses. The main goal of this business project is to promote and encourage the development of the green chemistry and bioeconomy sectors.


Flexible Dimetyl Ether (DME) production from biomass gasification with sorption-enhanced processes

The FLEDGED project is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and several companies, technology centres and universities from several European countries are involved in it.

The aim of the project is large-scale sustainable production of advanced biofuels, like Dimethyl Ether (DME), from alternative, renewable and organic biomasses.