A one-of-a-kind treatmentOur Technology

ECONWARD has a unique and internationally patented technology.

Our technology is based on a thermal pressure hydrolysis system that uses steam to treat the organic fraction of municipal solid waste and the rejected material of treatment plants. It is a semi-continuous process, comprising 4 autoclaves, where mechanised movements and the pressure and temperature applied during a specific residence time break down the most complex molecules to hygienise and homogenise the entire organic fraction of the solid waste. The physical and chemical conditions of the resulting bio-thermal-stabilised biomass make it suitable for several efficient and profitable uses.

ECONWARD is making a decisive contribution to achieving EU targets of increasing recycling rates and the importance of renewable energies.

Transforming waste into a new material

The entire technological process is environmentally efficient and sustainable and offers the following competitive advantages:

High processing capacity and high scalability:

The system modules can be assembled easily and adapt to any project size and requirements. A single module can treat 6 tonnes of waste in an hour. Little installation space is required.

Supports targets related to sector decarbonisation:

Implementing our technology reduces carbon emissions by almost 10,000 tonnes per year, equivalent to safeguarding 750 hectares of forest, due to the amount of waste prevented from being deposited in landfills.

Promotes more efficient water management:

Effluents are processed by a low-cost
waste-water treatment system. The clean water obtained can be reused in the process.

Helps reduce emissions:

This system’s atmospheric, noise and odour emissions are far lower than those produced by other waste treatment processes, thus ensuring optimal health and safety conditions for workers and their working environment.

Helps reduce transportation and storage costs:

The technology reduces waste volume by up to 70% and produces biomass with several potential uses.

Fits as a complement for other technologies:

Econward's technology positively impacts other waste treatment plants, accelerates the composting process, optimizes the biomethanation production performance and provides a solution to the rejected material of Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) system.